A Green Destination: Mimoza Park Polonezköy


A Green Destination: Mimoza Park Polonezköy

How about spending a day in nature with your family, away from the noise and crowd of Istanbul? We invite you to Polonezköy, one of the best picnic areas in Istanbul, by getting away from the city a little bit. Mimoza Park picnic area offers you a perfect environment with its wide areas in the middle of the forest, children’s playground, mixed village breakfast, and self-catering barbecue concept.

At Polonezköy Mimoza Park, we offer you a place where you can have a picnic with a barbecue all day long. In Mimoza Park, one of the most popular facilities in Polonezköy picnic areas, we offer you a “self-catering” service. While you are eating and enjoying the sun, your children can play in the playground in our facility and throw off their energy with the trampoline.

One of the Best Facilities in Polonezköy

Polonezköy Mimoza Park, which has a very suitable environment, especially for families with children, is waiting for you for a fun day in nature. In Mimoza Park, which is perhaps one of the greenest places in Polonezköy, you can both have breakfast and barbecue within the concept of self-catering. Mimoza Park, which is a very rich place in terms of the activities it offers, has many picnic tables. If you want to create a quality time for yourself and your loved ones in nature, you can choose Mimoza Park with peace of mind.

There are many things to do in Polonezköy, which is one of the most preferred places for a beautiful weekend in Istanbul. Polonezköy is intertwined with nature and full of peace. When you come to Polonezköy, which we can also call the backyard of Istanbul, you will suddenly feel free from the crowd, noise, and stress of Istanbul. Polonezköy Mimoza Park awaits you with its unique nature and lovely family friend facility.

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